House Weathered Wood

This seaside barn house by Sumich Chaplin Architects has perhaps one of the most calming designs I’ve seen.

Outside, the barn house is reminiscent of a traditional Scandinavian house with back clapboards on the walls. The outdoor decor continues the idea with black loungers and a pool with a glass fence that looks modern and blends in with the surroundings.

Inside, you’ll see a mix of barn with subtle coastal style. The wooden beams on the ceiling underline that it is a barn room and give it a cozy atmosphere. Lots of wood in the decor and some stone elements give the room a traditional look.

The color scheme is neutral and dusty: Different shades of beige and gray combine well with whitewashed, shabby furniture, creating a relaxed coastal feeling. The room is open and absolutely harmonious, because of its colors it reminds me of the beach on a gloomy day. White modern upholstered furniture and white covers on the chairs continue the decor theme.

In the other rooms, turquoise has been added as a subtle sea-inspired color and a touch of dark gray as a contrast. The terrace and verandas are decorated with cozy, traditional woven furniture that goes well with both the rustic and coastal decor.

All rooms are open to the outside as much as possible: from each room there are separate exits to the outside, some of which lead to the pool. Inside and outside merge into one room and look very harmonious, there are very subtle transitions.

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