House With Growing Pines

The owners of this modern new home in Vilnius, Lithuania always wanted to live on a plot of land with a small river or stream so they could enjoy and become a part of nature. Their dream came true when the ArchLAB studio completed this house, which was surrounded on two sides by pine forests and through which a river flowed.

The overall architecture and design of the house are simple and reduced to a few main materials such as stone, wood and glass. There are two main volumes that are connected by a bridge: One is the main house with all the important rooms and common features and the other is a small guest house. The architects included the existing trees directly in their planning so that they can get through the roofs. This is a great idea for feeling part of nature. Both volumes of the house offer a perfect combination of indoor and outdoor spaces with an emphasis on comfort and tranquility.

In terms of interior design, the house is simple, sophisticated, and full of cool and elegant features like a marble kitchen island and matching backsplash, open fireplace, sleek platform beds, and round bathtub. Large windows and open layouts immerse the two volumes in the surroundings and bring in the outside area. The simplicity of the interior makes it possible to focus on the view and the calm ambience.

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