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House Wood Ceilings

MU Architecture’s Nook Residence is located in a quiet area of ​​the Eastern Townships in Quebec, Canada. It turns its back on the street and offers a practically blind facade that encourages discovery and arouses curiosity. Strategically located windows and a large opening in the white mass give a hint of the beautiful landscape below.

The house clings to the steep terrain and appears to jut out towards Lake Memphremagog. Like origami, the two volumes are connected by a dynamic bending band that connects the roofs with one another.

Inside, the sequence of open living rooms on the ground floor offers different views of the lake. An area for relaxation and reflection that separates public from private spaces is a break in the architecture discovery course.

Polished concrete jet floors, black ceramic tiles and walnut furniture underline the room with elegance. Two large bedrooms, a bathroom and a dormitory with what appears to be concrete walls mainly form the ground floor.

The decor is modern and inspired by nature. There are no overly brave solutions not to divert attention from the breathtaking view. There is a lot of natural light wood on the ceilings and in the decor that gives the house a cozy look and brings it closer to nature. Panorama windows offer a relaxing view of the outside and earthy colors inspired by nature combine the interior with the exterior.

Acting as a landmark during the lush summer, the house changes with the seasons and its white blends into the winter landscape as a tribute to the great winters in Quebec.

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