Huts Inspired House

FRAM Arquitectos’ house, Dique Luján, reinterprets the architecture of typical villages along the Luján River Delta in Buenos Aires.

FRAM Arquitectos developed the house lengthways on the south side of the property, taking advantage of its size and orientation. The property is very close to the river and has a ground level that is well above the high water level. Three terraces interrupt the continuity of the structure’s roof, between which a large, preserved walnut tree and the staircase are inserted, while the third empty room coincides with the entrance hall, blurring the visual relationship with the neighboring house.

The residence’s utility areas are at the south end of the building, while the main functions take on the opposite, benefiting from the orientation and opening to the land. Since access to the property was not restricted by traditional means of transport, the separation of the house from the floor is solved with three reinforced concrete beams that support a series of wooden frames and shafts and refer to the typical palafitos of the Delta Islands.

The interior decor is simple and natural, with wooden beams and neutral tones. Furniture is contemporary and mid-century contemporary, with brightly colored textiles and some boho accents for more interest. The aim of the facility is maximum comfort and the rooms are maximally opened to the outside with windows and sliding doors that give access to the terraces and deck on the platform.

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