Ikea Frosta Stool Hacks Ideas

IKEA Frosta stool is a great piece that can be hacked in a thousand ways and turned into almost anything. Painting, upholstering, changing legs or tops – you can do anything with this simple and stylish piece and use it in any room in the house.


Frosta stools can be hacked for a more creative and fun look: you can paint them different colors, use stencils, use color blocks, add colors that you like or that shape your interior. You can make them fruity or cloud-like for a nursery, or cover them with blackboard paint so your kids can chalk on them. Upholstering the poufs is another great idea to add comfort and warmth to them: upholstery can be crocheted, it can be just any fabric you like, or it can be faux fur, which is especially popular in winter. Turn your stool into what you need and like, without setting limits to your imagination!


Frosta stools can easily be converted into bedside tables or coffee tables. You can switch the legs or the top if you want a different design, stencil, color or spray paint for the tables, depending on the colors and design you want. Be creative with children’s tables: paint them with your children’s favorite characters and cartoons. As for your own bedside table, you can make it with a double top to accommodate more things. Chop the stool to make it rustic and shabby chic, or replace the top with a cool glass top. Do you need a plant stand? Just take a Frosta stool and a nasum basket or aptitlig board to create a plant stand that can hold lots of greenery and flowers.

Other ideas

Frosta stools can be transformed into an unlimited number of furniture and other pieces, almost anything you can think of! My favorite is a laptop stand next to the sofa so you can comfortably relax and watch something in the evening. A wall shelf that looks like a tree can consist of several Frosta stools, and you can also make a coat hanger with legs for your entryway. Do you need a magazine or a firewood holder? Take a Frosta stool and flip it over to get one! Benches, swings, hanging shelves, even lamps – these stools are magical!

ps If you are interested in other IKEA stool hacks, here are some for the BEKVAM, MAMMUT and ODDVAR series.

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