Ikea Lack Shelves Ideas Hacks

IKEA lacquer shelves are connected to the wall thanks to the concealed mounting parts and are perfect for storage. There are lots of ideas to use and hack into them. Let’s look at some of these for inspiration.


Missing shelves in white and black can be cut to fit the size of your space and you can display dishes or drinkware on them. Add glass holders under the shelf or attach a rail to hang cups on hooks. This saves space. Organize your own home bar with black lacquer shelves: put your drinks and glasses on the shelves, add lights underneath, and put lemons and other necessary items underneath.


Different IKEA lacquer shelves can often be used in bedrooms: Attach long lacquer shelves to the entire wall for storage. Go lower than usual for a cool effect. Put a corner mangle shelf in the bedroom, put some bedside lamps on it. You can also cut a lacquer shelf to a smaller size and attach it to the bed. It’s a great bedside table for your bedroom and saves space.

living room

Missing shelves are classics in living spaces, chop them up as needed, cut them and attach them to the walls. Display and store your books and other items, use them as photo stands, and so on – these shelves are cool! Open shelves are the best way to store and display at the same time. They save space and appear airy and light. Have cats? Take some lacquer shelves and attach them as stairs or shelves so they can jump from one to another and have fun.

Main offices

If you have a home office corner or an entire room, lacquer shelving is the perfect option to try. If you attach them well enough, you can use them not only for storage but also as a desk. Black and white, corner and usual, these shelves bring convenience for little money.


Missing shelves are great for kids storage: they can be bookcases or display shelves, they can be used to store shoes, and you can add a rail to hang clothes under the shelves. Fix the shelves in the playroom to use for toys.


Floating shelves are perfect for organizing towels, toilet paper, or even decorations in bathrooms and powder rooms. You can even use it to create a plant wall.

Makeup store

Missing shelves can be turned into whole beauty stations! Corner shelves on the sides of your mirror can be used for storage. Attach two long lacquer shelves and place some cubes in between.

Shoe rack

Attach lacquer shelves in closets or entrances, or even in the bedroom, to store and display your shoes. A glamorous room will look cooler with your stunning heels on display.

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