Ikea Norden Buffet Hacks

The IKEA North Buffet is a great piece to use around the house and chop up the way you need to. You can easily change its size and style: just sand it and paint or rework it to your liking, or use a faux wood finish to give it a rustic look.

So where can you use this piece and how can you renovate it? Let’s start.

Norden buffet for kitchens and dining rooms

This buffet was originally created for kitchens and dining rooms and is therefore indispensable here. It can be your cooking station, kitchen island, wine bar, sideboard or any kind of storage for dishes, crockery and a cooking surface at the same time. Chop it so that it goes with your decor – it can be white, naturally finished, or otherwise look harmonious.

North buffet for living rooms and entrances

This convenient buffet can be a cool console table for your living room or entrance area. Thanks to the shelves under the top and the small drawers, it is perfect for storing and displaying items. If your entrance area is small, you can easily accommodate a north buffet there.

Norden buffet for bathrooms

The Norden buffet can be used as a vanity or wash basin and is perfect for two people. If it’s too big and you only need one, cut it to the size you want. And again, the finishes and changes are up to you and your bathroom furnishings.

Other uses for north buffets

It can also be used to store tools and at the same time as a work area, ironing table and changing table. It’s up to you to get inspired!

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