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Industrial Pendant Lamp

Today I have some industrial and minimalist eye candy for you and it’s here to make a super bold statement. What you see may seem like an ordinary (but completely beautiful) pendant light … but there are actually 5 or 6! Despite its apparent complexity, the “u33” is actually a single trailer that offers an easy way to combine and assemble with similar units to meet a wide variety of lighting needs and to meet ever-evolving interiors.

Three real sides have lime green accents but are points of contact where any light can be squeezed together. It presents a geometric and modern visual language that is heavily inspired by contemporary urban trends. The modularity and versatility gives the user a level of freedom and adaptability to create different lighting structures to suit their specific spatial and visual needs. Its modern yet sober appearance gives an evolving feeling, as the more moderate single lamp gains complexity and character by adding other units.

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