Inexpensive Planters to Dress Up Your Outdoor Space

Aren’t plants just amazing? Most species are very easy to grow and offer a variety of benefits. They look fresh and beautiful, purify the air and some can even be eaten. There are many cool ways to display and care for your plants. A garden can be great, but it is not a must. Our DIY planter box ideas are very versatile and customizable, meaning you can successfully grow beautiful herbs, flowers, and even vegetables almost anywhere.

Planters and flower boxes add a lot of atmosphere to an outdoor living space and can increase the appeal of an entryway. Fill containers with colorful flowers and blooming vines during warm seasons, and line your containers with cool-season plants, evergreens, or holiday decorations during colder months. Large planters and pots are an essential part of a well-designed porch, patio or patio. But plant boxes, balcony boxes and flower pots can be expensive. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of budget-friendly projects, upcycles, and updates to bring your outdoor living space to life.

Upstairs, a leftover pile of bricks was transformed into a stylish planter box. The stones were stacked on an easy-to-build wooden stand, then a house number plaque was added and pretty plants were added.

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