Innovative Exposed Brick Wall Designs

As the roots of local architecture and design, bricks have always been an essential design element. Use the same for architectural facades, exposed brick walls for the interiors of houses, offices and various other spaces that add warmth, texture and character to a room.

India has seen some of the most beautiful brick architecture at a time when the term sustainability was not even coined. India and bricks have a long history and to revive this ancient material, Jay Jalaram Brick is exhibiting a wide range of bricks.

This compilation of 20 such rooms, using brick in different spaces and finishes, informs about its versatility and timelessness. These exposed brick walls are trendy not only because of their aesthetic purpose but also because of the endless artistic possibilities in which they can be arranged to give it a sculptural look.

The composition of these bricks is also an essential factor in integrating the space into a theme that can be modern, rustic, contemporary or industrial. This compilation has been created in collaboration with The Brick Store, one of the country’s brick giants, offering a wide range of exposed bricks for lasting impressions.

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