Interior Doors With Engravings

There is something to be said for the details of a home and the things you feel and touch on a constant basis should be of quality. When choosing the items to decorate your home, keep in mind how much interaction there will be between you and that part of the home. Doors, for example, are such a detail. We interact with them all day and they are almost always the same typical thing, flat, boring planes with no details or imagination. The Graffiti and Décor Slim collections of designer interior doors by Laura Meroni are obviously different and literally make a statement!

The graffiti collection is so cool and includes the names of the rooms you will enter, such as the studio or bath. As we all know, it may as well be the artist’s work of art as it can be seen in the more elaborate engravings. My favorite is the contrasting two-tone in light wood, which allows the lighter woods to stand out.

The Décor Slim collection is characterized by a unique, minimalist design and a completely flush door jamb that becomes one with the wall. This is a much more understated look and perfect for super modern interior designs where less is more than planned. For larger entrances, you can choose a number of sliding doors that look so beautiful.

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