Jaw Dropping Desert House

This house looks like an organic object in the desert and its exterior is truly unique – who could think it was a home? This fantastic swell in the middle of the rocky terrain of Joshua Tree, California was designed by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg and the curved interior was created by designer John Vugrin.

The house is in the form of an organic object made up of a collection of sculptural pillars. There is an ambiguous relationship between the built space and the extreme landscape as the home navigates among the protruding rock formations. At certain moments these natural elements penetrate the interior and become a sculptural element of the air-conditioned space. The ambiguity of the structure is increased by the imbrication of the grouped pillars. Due to this technique of overlapping elements, the openings of the building are not so clearly defined. While those slippage moments are sealed with recessed glazing, it means the house remains open to the elements.

The interiors are inspired by the landscape and underline the architecture of the house as much as possible. There is a lot of wood, stone, glass, and metal and all of the designs were properly created for this home. How do you like a scorpion-inspired dining table or fireplace that is integrated into the architectural detail of the home? My favorite room is the master bedroom which maintains privacy while offering the desert view. Outside there is a terrace with a dining area and a waterfall. Landscaping is traditional for these places: stones and cacti.

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