Lamp Iconic Tv Test Cards

As a child, designer Simon Forgacs was fascinated by what test cards looked like on television screens. Test cards appear as brightly colored geometric shapes and are a series of patterns that are used to calibrate and adjust television signals so that the image is displayed correctly just before it airs. Since Forgacs was so young, he didn’t understand the meaning behind them. All he could remember was how intrigued he was with those light patterns living in the same box as Star Wars or back to the future.

Viewing test cards was like peering under the hood of a complex machine, and over time they became the symbol of a dominant era in television history. That is why he wanted to capture its essence in a symbolic object – which led to the creation of the MONO LAMP series. It took over a year to prototype, build partnerships, and finally strike the right balance between production quality, cost, and scalability.

The MONO LAMP series, made in Italy, is available in two colors and has a base made of ash wood and aluminum, an illuminated plastic ball with a diameter of 30 cm and an easily replaceable standard light bulb. The end effect creates ambient lighting with warmer or cooler tones – depending on the surface color.

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