Lamp Made With Sense Humor

Nowadays lamps are not just a source of light, they are often an important part of the decor that harmonizes and completes the entire interior. We’ve seen lamps and lights with unique and creative designs, with stunning looks that catch the eye, but we see items that aren’t made with a sense of humor very often. Such things add a satirical touch to your interior and add character to the decor.

The Foolamp (Fool + Lamp) by designer Leo Armenta is one of these lamps. It’s a satire about how we just gobble up irrelevant data and then let everything run through our systems that doesn’t make us smarter than we already were. The lamp has this rather enigmatic man sitting on John with the lamp under his derriere. The wire represents the path all of our irrelevant information takes.

The piece is made of stainless steel and a thick cord with a light bulb on the end. The string is red to emphasize the design. Such a design goes well with modern or industrial decor and I am sure it will add a humorous touch to masculine spaces. Give your space a personality and show your sense of humor with Foolamp!

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