Lamps Inspired by Hot Air Balloons

The Swedish designer Clara von Zweigbergk designed colorful lamps that are reminiscent of hot air balloons for the Danish lighting brand Louis Poulsen. The shape and colors of the playful lamps are based on a trip from Zweigbergk to the Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park in Copenhagen.

The four stripes of color used in the design collaboration relate to the spinning movement of objects and rides seen at Tivoli and articulate the optical illusion when colors merge into separate bands. The Cirque lamps are made of powder-coated spun aluminum and are available in three sizes that can be hung in different levels.

Each lamp has four bright colored bands above the shade and is available in three different color combinations. The lightest variant consists of blue-green, vermilion, powder blue and light yellow stripes. Other options include a slightly muted palette of whites, copper and moss greens.

The lower half of the teardrop shape of the lamp was cut short to allow downward light distribution, which is particularly suitable for hanging low above tables or together as low-hanging groups in the corner of a room.

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