Light Diffuser For Smartphones

Your phone’s flashlight can only shine so brightly. If you want to both capture and attenuate the light for reading or creating a mood, try Travelamp. With the Travelamp, your phone’s flashlight is much more than just a light source. It emits a soft, friendly glow and illuminates your mood along with the room. The lamp, made of silicone, fits almost all smartphone sizes, but especially small and medium-sized ones.

Capture and soften the light from your camera’s flashlight or slide over your smartphone’s flashlight and relax under the warm glow. Use it anywhere from your bedroom to your travels, it is very comfortable and soft. The piece is available in two options: one imitates a cozy bedside lamp and the second looks like a traditional oil lantern. I’m not sure if you can read with lights like this, but light up your bedroom at night – yes, sure, and your kids will love it when you put them to bed. Check out the cool and cute design, it’s so fun and functional!

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