Loft Industrial Minimalist Touches

This soft loft by Polish designer Lucyna Kołodziejska is home to a couple and their toddler. They wanted the look of a New York loft so that concrete and brick were exposed. Vintage radiators and new floors with a rustic look added to the loft vibe, along with some vintage furniture to furnish the space there.

The result really has a loft feel. The living room has whitewashed brick walls, gray hardwood floors and a fantastic decorative vintage fireplace. A large L-shaped sofa is gray, just like a concrete column in the room. Stylish accents in green and copper make the room cooler and the fur gives the house a certain texture.

The kitchen is modern and covered in concrete for a chic, modern touch. The cabinets are elegantly white, the kitchen island is very large and functional: it has plenty of storage space. The dining area is here, it’s next to the window and the dining area is wooden with a rustic feel.

The bedroom has a distinct industrial feel. Concrete slabs on one side and brick-imitation slabs on the opposite wall make it feel like New York. The window isn’t big, but there is enough light and a potted plant enlivens the gray room a little.

A small home office has concrete wall panels, pallet storage, and brick panels for an industrial touch. A purple sofa makes a bold statement in the office.

The bathroom is a mix of minimalist and industrial style: white bricks, wooden floors and slim countertops look very stylish together.

The children’s room is kept in soft pastel tones with strong accents. There’s a cool blue house bed, accent wallpaper wall, and a sunny yellow wardrobe. There are also some industrial details here: lamps on the ceiling.

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