Luxury Kitchen Decorated by Swarovski Crystals Crystalby Auro

Auro is a Spanish company that is great for the manufacture and design of kitchen furniture. It has been providing high quality products to consumers for 25 years. It always showcases contemporary design and perfectly crafted finishes, but on its 25th birthday it has surpassed itself and created an excellent luxury kitchen. Its name Crystal25 perfectly reflects the main feature: cabinet doors with Swarovski crystals. This kitchen perfectly combines modern minimalism and the glamor of crystals. Crystals on shiny black doors create a delightful play of light and an incomparable view. Despite these glamorous additions, this kitchen looks sober thanks to the lines typical of the modern minimalist interior design. Of course, this kitchen furniture is not only beautiful, but also very functional and comfortable to use. Thanks to high technological mechanisms, opening and closing the doors is very soft and easy. This kitchen could turn everyday cooking into the most enjoyable activity. [Crystal25 by Auro]

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