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Marble Clock

I think everyone saw that old grandfather’s watch in your grandparents’ house. Plus, we’ve already seen many new shots of this famous piece, and today I’m sharing another, a very modern and chic version of an old watch.

British designer Lee Broom’s Time Machine grandfather clock is made from a monolithic block of Carrara marble – a material for which the designer’s studio has become famous over the past decade. The designer has always been fascinated by its majestic appearance and intricate mechanisms.

Wanting to create something contemporary that was very opposed to the traditionalism normally associated with grandfather clocks, he began to look at a more modernist silhouette, creating very faceted angles and straight lines similar to those of brutalist architecture.

The time machine incorporates a traditional clock mechanism that Broom modified to use only one central weight instead of two. The weight, hands and pendulum are all handcrafted from polished solid brass, with the spherical shape of the pendulum contrasting with the triangular prismatic weight.

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