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Match Tables That Stitched

A dining table can become a centerpiece in your room and make your meal very special. Therefore, choosing a dining table should be careful. To impress your family and guests, you can buy the one we share today. It was made by designer Alon Dodo, who is known for his extensive expertise in the field of wooden furniture and often treats it like fabric.

The Black Patch Match table is another table in the beautiful line of furniture he creates, where pieces of wood have been mixed and almost sewn together. At least it seems so. Upon closer inspection you will find that even the stitches are pieces of wood. What was originally a very unattractive practice in sewing fabric is becoming a celebrated work of art in woodworking! Such a fantastic dining table is definitely worth buying and can make your dining experience cooler.

It is available in a round and rectangular version, both look cool and eye-catching. Choose a version that suits your interior and never cover it with anything as all the beauty is on the top!

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