Mid Century Apartment

This apartment in a 1950s building in Coruña has been transformed by design firm Ramisa Projects & Fun into a chic, versatile space filled with finds from antique shops and flea markets.

The space of the apartment increased: the original room had a second level hidden behind a false ceiling and was not used, but the architects did. The decor has been done with some Parisian vibes and in the mid-century modern style I love the soft but vibrant colors. Most of the furniture comes from flea markets and antique dealers.

The living room has hardwood floors, white walls and moldings, I love the large framed window and an oversized mirror in an antique frame. Mid-century woven chairs look very light, and a white upholstered sofa goes well with an antique rustic end table. Soft textiles make the room very inviting.

The dining area is connected to the living room and there is an antique light wood dining table and mismatched chairs. A large glazed cupboard shows all the dishes and there is also ceramics for decoration.

The kitchen is all white, small and modern, with stainless steel appliances and a mirrored wall that visually expands the space. The stairs look very airy and light thanks to the white lacquered metal glaze.

The bedroom is decorated in a vintage style with a rustic feel. Moldings, a crystal chandelier, and cream colors make it look creamy and delicate, and a couple of wooden stools used as bedside tables add a cozy feel.

Interested in other rooms? Check out the pictures below!

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