Mid Century Home With Skylights

This original Eichler in Palo Alto Hills is in an amazing setting amidst the old growth. It is kept in its original state, let’s enjoy its beauty.

The house is completely decorated in the combination of brown and cream, which is a warming and classic color scheme. All furniture is kept in the same style and colors and helps to ensure that the house becomes a unit and the transition between the rooms is seamless.

The main layout is an open space that includes a living room, bedroom, dining room and kitchen. However, some glass room dividers may be installed to make the areas more private yet more uniform. The main area is occupied by a large and elegant piano and a chic seating area with luxurious chairs and a coffee table. What I like best is the abundance of natural light that is rarely seen in pitched roof houses – this is achieved with large skylights.

The living room is connected to a kitchen and a dining area. There’s a glazed wall, a brick-clad fireplace, and lots of nifty furniture that goes perfectly with the furniture in the rest of the room. The master bedroom has comfortable furniture and a partially glazed wall for some privacy.

The outside area has several terraces on different sides of the house and some greenery covering the walls that climb to the top – this is a creative take on potted greenery and flowers that are usually seen here and there.

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