Mid Century Parisian Apartment

This beautiful Parisian apartment from the talented team at Desjeux Delaye shows off some pops of color, a crystal chandelier and mid-century lighting, some photo art – there are lots of details to be jealous of! Let’s take a closer look.

The first room to see is a blue dining room with sleek paneling, an oversized crystal chandelier, and some impressive artwork. A dark mid-century modern dinner set contrasts the blue walls and the chandelier accentuates them. The living room features black and navy blue accents, an artificial fireplace, built-in shelving on either side, artwork, and even firewood that adds coziness and an unexpected natural touch to the room. Furniture makes up the space here: it’s perfectly designed for the space, just look at this black leather seat – isn’t it amazing?

The master bedroom is completely white and helps hide the storage cabinets built into the walls. Interest is added to the space by a colorful ethnic rug and bold bedding, and there are no curtains to let in more light. There is a comfortable bar area with a dark blue bar counter, gilded leg stools covered with green leather, and gilded lightbulb lamps above. The countertop is striped to make the bar area more eye-catching and to continue the mid-century modern style.

Sleek accents, chic mid-century modern furniture, and colorful accents make this apartment a great example of how to create a mid-century modern interior with amazing artwork. The furniture makes the whole thing, it is carefully chosen for each room.

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