Minimalist African House

This South African home is called La Belle Vue, which means “the beautiful view” in French, and it’s true – the views from every point of the home are spectacular! The home was built by Bomax Architects and OKHA Interiors to take in the breathtaking views of the mountains and ocean and even bring some nature into it.

In addition to large windows overlooking the mountains and the sea, there are plenty of expansive balconies and terraces on both the front and back of the building which also help to enjoy the view. The whole house can be opened over the entire facade to inhale the sea air and let in sunlight.

The interiors are minimalist but there are many details of African heritage: most of the furniture is designed to express this, and even the front door is inspired by traditional African motifs. Inside, you’ll also see a very surprising note: a huge block of granite has been added to seamlessly integrate the indoor and outdoor environments.

The finishes and color palette of the interiors were inspired by the beach and the sea, which are not far from the house and can be clearly seen. The lower level is rather minimal, almost Scandinavian, and the entertainment level is done in earth tones that are characteristic of African spaces. The materials such as etched raw oak, vintage leather, satin brass and granite have been used to create a timeless elegance. The overall energy consumption and heat output of the house have been improved through the use of sustainable components.

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