Minimalist All White Vacation Home

If you want an idyllic vacation on an island like Rhodes, Greece, you don’t need much, and Mandalaki Design Studio has proven that it has created a micro-home that is a perfect place to relax.

The little house is called the Monocabin and it gives you the chance to enjoy the view, the breeze and relax as much as possible. The house is a juxtaposition of modern, streamlined design and organic surroundings. Monocabin is elegantly designed and offers everything you need to feel at home: a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a storage room, a closet, a terrace with a garden view, an outdoor shower and a fitness zone.

The cabin is completely white inside and out, and the doors and windows are framed in black to highlight them and give the home a modern feel. White has been used to make the micro home feel more spacious and the furniture is sleek and minimalist to bring out that feeling. The kitchen has multiple white cabinets and a window instead of a backsplash to fill the space with light. There is even a foldable kitchen island that you can eat on in bad weather. Half a wall separates it from the small bedroom with a bed, a wardrobe and an open wardrobe. A small bathroom has a sink, toilet and shower, and a window to make you feel like you’re outside. However, if you want to shower outside, there is such an option too.

Outside there is a terrace with some modern loungers and a small dining area. The only thing I’m missing is a pool, but who needs one when the ocean is close by?

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