Minimalist Australian Home

Minimalist homes are often viewed as cold and impersonal, but this home is not one of those types. It is a warm and sunlit Australian home owned by a creative couple who told a story with interesting furniture and accessories.

The whole house is decorated with white walls and strong wooden floors that create an amazing backdrop for the decoration. So that the white walls don’t look boring, the couple opted for whitewashed wooden boards in some rooms. There is a dining area with a custom-made dining table with comfortable chairs, a bench and a woven lamp – the owners love to have guests, and such space is necessary for them.

In the living room there is a very cozy and comfortable seating area next to a fireplace, some faux fur-covered chairs and warm details such as weaving and wood. There are also cool rattan chairs and a brown leather sofa, as well as a creamy carpet that creates a cozy atmosphere.

The master bedroom is a small but very quiet room with a large bed in neutral colors and some vintage decorations and accessories that give the room character. Kindergarten is pure love! There’s a cool wooden bed with a dark blue canopy, a watercolor, some fancy furniture and accessories, and lots of natural light – such a beautiful room! Be inspired by the photos and feel the sunlight from them!

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