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Minimalist Bachelors Pad Moody Colors

Minimalist Bachelors Pad Moody Colors

Igor Sirotov of Sirotov Architects designed this 76 square meter apartment in Kiev for a young man who wants a modern space. The interior focuses on dark, atmospheric colors and warm wood and looks noble and refined, but remains comfortable and inviting.

The sleek kitchen hides the details and leaves you wondering where everything is, including the kitchen faucet. Once the sliding doors are moved you can see everything perfectly hidden until it is needed. The smooth, dark cabinets match the dining table and chairs by Kristalia.

The living area is clad in warm wood to make it more cozy. The L-shaped plush sofa in a neutral color comes from Paola Lenti. I love the minimal dark ceiling light that perfectly highlights the home decor.

Behind the smoky blue glass wall is the bathroom with an entire wall clad with Aparici Vanguard system tiles in a vintage look. The shower faucets match the color of the dark tiles behind them that continue to the bathroom floor. There is also a square bathtub as a reminder that this is a man’s room.

The bedroom has a wooden wall behind the bed and two metal structures that look almost like facing canopies. A projector is pulled down from the ceiling to watch movies.

The home office is clad with black panels and everything is again perfectly tidy and elegant, what a wonderful apartment for a young bachelor!

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