Minimalist Coffee Table And Dollhouse In One

Multifunctional furniture is always on trend, and this time around, Amy Whitworth design specialists have created a piece that is ideal for both you and your children. Children often scatter their belongings and toys, and your home can look like a dump. But here’s a cool way to keep your living room tidy! It’s QUBIS HAUS, a modern coffee table that doubles as a doll’s house so that parents don’t have to hand over their entire home to their offspring in their lifetime. Imagine your children will be delighted! You could play anytime you want and you won’t step on their toys all over the place! The table (or the dollhouse?) Is made of solid birch plywood and is easily transformed into one another by adding wooden and acrylic sliding panels that can be moved to different locations so that your child is the designer of the house.

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