Minimalist Colonial House

Cesme House is located in Çeşme, the popular summer resort of Izmir in Turkey. It is a three bedroom residence by the Escapefromsofa design studio. Inspired by the glorious Aegean summer, the designers have combined a modernist sensibility for light, neutral colors and simple, clean lines with a colonial style, using natural materials and houseplants to create a welcoming home of sophistication, calm and cosiness.

The interior design combines contemporary Scandinavian and African accents, filtered through a minimalist aesthetic of muted tones and smooth surfaces. The use of natural materials like wood, brass and marble creates textures and a subtle sense of luxury. The shutters visible throughout the house not only underline the colonial style of the house, but also bind the rooms together. The juxtaposition of oak floorboards and stone floors on the ground floor separates the open living area into two different zones. Natural materials are predominantly used when choosing furniture. Most of these are bespoke, handcrafted designs, inspired by mid-century modernism and colonial interiors.

The architects also took great care to make their design as sustainable as possible, especially since the owners expressed a desire to use the house year round. New energy-efficient ventilation and solar heating systems guarantee energy savings, the reinforcement of the external walls with natural stone ensures less heat loss in winter and less cooling in summer, while the choice of natural materials ensures the durability and longevity of the building fabric in the case of damp Aegean climate.

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