Minimalist Fortress Like Home

On the south shore of Nova Scotia next to Kingsburg Beach, the Treow Brycg residence was recently completed by Omar Gandhi Architect on a lot surrounded by tall grass, deer and salty sea breezes. The dark structure looks like a fortress with a sloping roof that protects the residence from the harsh weather in Nova Scotian.

One level deck has a plunge pool that extends forward before running through the house as an internal breeze path leading to the back yard. There is also a garage and guest suite on this level, each on either side of the op end. The other side of the house opens up with windows overlooking the sea while respecting privacy. A staircase made of walnut and black steel connects the two floors in the central part of the house.

On the upper floor, the high, sloping ceilings ensure that the room feels large with the windows on the back wall. A combination of light and dark wood and brass fittings was used for a cozy, warm feel. There is a minimalist kitchen with blue cabinets and white countertops. The master bedroom offers a breathtaking view and a large upholstered bed and some storage space on the wall. The house has a lot of negative space which makes it feel airy and very large.

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