Minimalist House Raw Materials

Architecture studio Whispering Smith has completed House A, a climate neutral residence in Perth, Western Australia. The three-story “mini tower” offers all facilities in less than 200 m², including an underground car park and a loft bedroom on the top level.

Whispering Smith’s sustainable, compact residence is made of high-recycled concrete slabs and whitewashed, recycled bricks. The interior offers a selection of untreated materials in their natural, raw state: you will see plaster of paris, brick, and untreated concrete that create a light and airy feel, paired with refined details in gold and generous amounts of vegetation.

The furniture used for the decor is rather minimalist, with some mid-century modern touches for a chic look. Plywood, wood, metal, concrete, and even a tiled bench maintain the idea of ​​an unfinished yet refined living space that feels airy. The lack of rigidly defined spaces ensures an organic flow of activity between the areas, resulting in a light apartment with minimalist aesthetics.

There’s a private courtyard with a bar counter and sitting area, and another outside area that has literally no decor other than a large planter with a bench, but the owners can sit on the lawn itself. An airy feeling and a seamless transition between the zones can also be clearly seen outside. What a peaceful apartment!

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