Minimalist Mm House Constructed Of White Boxes

Mallorca’s house MM is attracting attention for all the right reasons. It was designed by the local company Ohlab under the direction of Paloma Hernaiz and Jaime Oliver and is gently located in a hill in Palma. However, its modern white shape creates a clean contrast to the natural, rocky and green surroundings.

The clients are a recently retired couple who wanted a home with a quiet atmosphere. Their main requirement was to be able to enjoy the garden and the incredible views of the grounds. In response, Ohlab organized the interior program as a group of four “boxes” that contain the kitchen, living and dining areas, master bedroom and guest rooms. Each of these “boxes” have been carefully placed within the property and carefully rotated to ensure the best possible view and functionality for each of the rooms.

The pitched roof of the property was designed to collect rainwater which, if requested by the customer, would fill two water tanks. One is used for irrigation and the second is reserved for personal use. The small structure is heated by an underfloor system powered by solar panels on the roof of the property.

The interior of the 200 m² house is clean and sophisticated, using a simple but rich palette of materials. The white walls were paired with oak panels that could be seen on the doors and cabinets. Ohlab chose locally produced green and beige hydraulic tiles to line the floor throughout. The traditional material integrates a touch of color into its minimalist, contemporary design.

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