Minimalist Summerhouse In Iceland With Gorgeous Views

If you are feeling introverted and want to relax somewhere far away from the big cities and people, this Gláma Kím summer home in Iceland will impress you: the Icelandic nature is absolutely stunning and the location of this home is exactly what you need escape.

The house stands on a ridge next to a deep and rugged gorge, surrounded by an impressive landscape. A panoramic view over a lake towards a distant mountain range in the north, a steep rock face beyond the gorge in the east, and various mountain ranges in the south and west. The design goal was to frame the views both inside and outside the home. The shape and positioning of outdoor spaces also optimize sun and protection.

The building consists of three rectangular structures arranged around a south-facing outdoor area. The central block houses the kitchen and living room. It is cast from black exposed concrete with large recessed windows facing north and south. It connects two cedar-clad wings that contain the sleeping area and guest accommodation.

The interior decor is minimalist, it consists of stone, concrete, light wood, leather and glass. The simplicity and minimalism aim to highlight the breathtaking views and not divert attention from them. Get inspired to escape them all!

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