Minimalist White House

The Remember House, which is clad with opaque dark panels, is in sharp contrast to its surroundings. It sits on a thin, sloping lot in San Francisco’s Noe Valley that was designed by Edmonds + Lee Architects for a close-knit family of three.

As a renovation project, it has bones similar to the neighboring houses, but the dark facade should stand out. The atmosphere at Remember House is ethereal: an impressive all-white interior palette and a minimalist, but very elegant and luxurious interior.

The kitchen is all white, with lots of storage cabinets hidden behind doors with no handles for a clean look. A large kitchen island is clad in white marble, which gives the room a sophisticated feel and makes it more interesting.

The living room has large windows that fill the space with light. The double-height ceiling is highlighted by a delightful light that is reminiscent of falling raindrops. There’s an eye-catching black marble shelf that piques interest and a dining area with a home bar in front of it.

My favorite place here is the master bedroom, this is beauty! There’s a glazed wall, comfortable bed, built-in fireplace, mirror and shelf – nothing else and nothing is needed anymore. The bedroom has a breathtaking view of the city and looks very inviting.

The social area with bookcases and a pool table has black furniture and decorations that contrast the room decor itself. The prospects here are also stunning, that’s what the designers have been very focused on.

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