Mirror With Integrated Shelf

Everyone has a mirror in the bathroom, but sometimes there isn’t enough space for shelves. But don’t worry, there is a smart and cool storage solution for rocking. This piece is sure to be a great solution even for the smallest bathroom.

Studio Yumakano has incorporated a U-shaped shelf into this mirror, ideal for all of your miniature valuables. From mugs and jewelry to flowers or toothbrushes, the quirky flap sticks out of the glass and forms a small protrusion in front of the mirror where you can safely store your little things.

This adds a convenient new feature with just a small change instead of adding new parts. The ‘U-mirror’ creates an interesting illusion by bringing the reflection of the glass into a functional form, leaving the back wall exposed and confusing the relationships between space and form. Two things that are inextricably linked in our lives are now fused into a single object.

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