Mobile And Wood Burning Outdoor Dutchtub

Outdoor hot tubs are very popular. It is a pleasure to stay outside and take a relaxing bath. But not everyone has the right setup for a built-in or non-built-in hot tub with all electrical requirements and everything. And what if you’re rented out or planning to move in a few years’ time but still want the luxury of having a hot tub that you can take with you? The Weltevree Dutchtub designed by Floris Schoonderbeek takes care of that.

The simple, bowl-like design burns wood in the attached fire basket and then uses natural circulation to heat the water. Drag the tub to a desired location, make a fire and enjoy with up to four people!

The Dutchtub weighs only 75 kg, holds 171 gallons of water and is available in five colors: Dutchtub Orange, Pebble Gray, Olive Green, Pigeon Blue and Terra Red.

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