Modern Barn Inspired Chalet

Winter is the best time to look at beautiful chalets and today we are sharing one. Alta Chalet is a family weekend getaway in a private ski club located two hours northwest of Toronto. It’s special in that it doesn’t have the rustic / mountainous style that chalets usually have, but rather has a clean, modern feel to it.

The chalet communicates with the barn’s local traditions as it features a gable roof edge, although its black and white color scheme shows its modern nature. On the outside, the house is clad in low-maintenance, pre-made Canadian pine to make the exterior durable and long lasting. There is underfloor heating and a wood fireplace to make you feel cozy and warm.

Inside, the chalet has an open floor plan that includes a kitchen and living room. There are multiple windows that let in enough light and allow the owners to enjoy the cool views. The center of the living room is a separate fireplace wall that gives the room a cozy atmosphere. A couple of gray sofas, chairs, and coffee tables complete the look. The kitchen has white cabinets, a white marble island, and some natural wood elements to warm this space up.

The rest of the rooms are designed in the same style – with a simple color palette and some natural wood elements to warm you up. In addition to a window, the master bedroom also has a glass door to the outside to enjoy the view and to go outside whenever the owners wish. The special thing about this house is that there is a sauna that is completely clad with natural wood – what can be cooler after a long day of skiing? Enjoy the pictures of this amazing modern chalet below!

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