Modern Christmas Tree Alternatives

The Christmas season is near, so many of us will choose Christmas trees thanks to ancient traditions. The first Christmas tree was decorated in Riga, Latvia, in 1510. In the early 16th century, Martin Luther is said to have decorated a small Christmas tree with candles to show his children how the stars twinkled through the dark night. Though what if you don’t want to like everyone but still want the tree? Then you should get yourself a modern alternative to Christmas trees. Here are some:

The cardboard Christmas tree

It’s the cheapest choice. Around $ 20 for a 3 foot tree that can be painted and decorated however you want. Buy it here.

X-max tree

This plywood Christmass tree buy Buro North was very popular last year. It’s already out of stock this year, although you can still probably buy some from vendors.

Estilio Tree tealight holder

The most modern and elegant Christmas tree alternative made of stainless steel. You can buy it from Blomus for $ 202.5.

Possibili tree

The Possibili tree shown above is a table version with a height of almost a meter and branches that can be fanned out in different ways. It was designed by Richard Babcock. Whether you are using PossibiliTree to enjoy Christmas, some other occasion, or just to enjoy the ornate simplicity of its design, when the celebrations are over, the tree is easy to disassemble. Although there is a price associated with all of these professionals. You can buy it at DWR for $ 306.

Wooden christmas tree

The idea is similar to the cardboard tree, although it is more solid and contains 22 wooden decorations. The price is very fair for it – £ 15.61. Buy it from Muji.

Laser cut Christmas tree

This beautiful laser cut tree is a nifty take on the traditional Christmas tree. It comes in 2 colors red and white for the Christmas season. Designmyworld’s price is £ 34.95 GBP.

The upturned corner Christmas tree

This unique 4 ‘pre-lit fir is reminiscent of the 12th century Central European tradition of hanging a tree from the ceiling for Christmas. It attaches to your ceiling and provides more space in less spacious areas to place furniture or more decorations underneath. This year it can only be bought for $ 80 at Hammacher

IKEA Christmas tree

Last year you could create a very nice decoration from IKEA articles. Why not just use an imitation tree from there?

Antique Christmas tree

Silver glitter trees sparkle on the tabletop or floor. Polished aluminum on wire. Check it out on West Elm

Christmas tree poster

Don’t have room for a tree? Buy Christmas tree posters and the Christmas cheer will be with you anyway. Atypyk

Other alternatives

Handmade Christmas tree

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