Modern Duplex Park Views

In some cases, the location and immediate surroundings of a residence have a major influence on the interior design and ambience. A house or apartment overlooking a large park can be influenced by this and have an interior design that uses natural materials and fresh colors. This influence can also be reflected in the decor in other ways. A vivid example is this duplex in Montreal, Canada. It was recently renovated by MXMA Architecture & Design.

The maisonette has a view of Lafontaine Park and the architects decided to use this detail in their design. Her studio specializes in creating unforgettable designs and discovering new ideas that can bring original experiences to their clients. You completed this project in 2016, taking inspiration from the lush foliage in the park.

In order to reflect the influence of nature on the interior of the apartment, the architects used a lot of wood. It became part of the design in the form of walls, floors, sculptural ceilings and furniture. All of the wood gives the rooms a really inviting and pleasant look thanks to its natural warmth.

The wooden elements are complemented by contrasting features. A modern kitchen island in black plays a central role in the design. There are three elegant pendant lights above it, which are complemented by a dark dining table and matching chairs.

The social area on the lower level also has built-in shelves that mix natural wood with black details. A built-in fireplace gives the room a particularly comfortable ambience. The color palette here is based on light shades and the decor is very open and fresh throughout. Despite the color change, the entire maisonette looks very homogeneous thanks to the wood that defines all the rooms.

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