Modern Furniture For Kitchen And Bathroom White Flowers by Mesons Cucine

White Flowers is one of the latest collections from the Italian company Menson’s Cucine. Although this company specializes in making modern kitchens, this collection includes furniture for the kitchen, bathroom and even living room. The designer Lucca Botto has perfectly combined modern technology and works of art by the famous photographer Massimo Gardone and created the very refined and sophisticated furniture with floral motifs. Glass doors with soft white flowers could amazingly decorate contemporary bathrooms like elegant kitchens. Thanks to the fact that doors do not have handles, this beautiful furniture could very well fit into any minimalist room design. One of the most unique and interesting pieces in the White Flower collection is the Little Box Wall Unit, which can be placed in any room. By mixing the drawers of different depths, you can get an element of your living room or bathroom that is as decorative as it is very practical. For more information on this modern furniture, visit Meson’s Cucine website.

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