Modern Hanging Lights

The Italian factory Fabbian was founded in 1961. It offers a wide range of lighting fixtures: ceiling, pendant, recessed, wall, floor, table lamps, outdoor and architectural lighting. Blown glass is the result of the manual production process which does not imply industrial or mass production. Regardless of the capabilities of each artisanal glass, it is different in size, shape and design, making it unique. Every glass made by “mastro vetraio” (“master of glass blowing”) is something special. Imperfection in terms of size, shape or workmanship is not a defect, on the contrary, it is a characteristic of handmade products.

Fabbian lamps and chandeliers are made of laminated glass in different shades, clear, matte, crystal, chrome, wood and other materials that make it possible to create extravagant and eye-catching pieces. For the 2016 collection, Fabbian used innovative materials such as black opaque glass.

There are ceiling, wall, hanging, floor mountings and my favorites – multispots. Multispots are a whole series of lights with the same look in one. They can be arranged differently to create a different impression. Here you can see the multispot Beluga and Tooby.
Fabbian lighting can be done in different sizes, shapes, styles and looks. The only thing that stays the same is the high quality and the incredibly stylish design of the Fabbian lights.

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