Modern Home Rustic Details

Today we share a timeless home full of owner personalities created by architect Ryan Street & Associates and interior designer Elizabeth Stanley.

The style can be described as a mix of modern, traditional, and rustic; All rooms are flooded with light, and white as the main color reflects it perfectly, making the rooms even brighter.

The living room has a fireplace, comfortable upholstered furniture and rustic wooden furniture. The floors are made of light wood and the walls are completely white. The room is open, which makes it airier. The floors echoed with wooden beams on the ceiling and a mirror in a wooden frame. There are some black accents like window frames, end tables, and carpets that make the space stand out.

The dining area is next to the window, is flooded with light and has a round table, blue upholstered chairs and a wooden sideboard. An oversized multi-layered white chandelier makes a statement, the room looks more traditional.

The kitchen is chic and modern: there is light wood furniture with white and black marble tops. A white hood and tiles fit perfectly into the room, and there is a breakfast nook with leather upholstered benches.

The main bathroom is pure luxury: it is clad in white marble and decorated with light wood. One wall is covered with a mirror, reflecting the light and making the bathroom look bigger. I also love a cool Snitch inspired chandelier above the stairs that makes a cool statement.

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