Modern Home Victorian Elegance

This white, slim house by the US studio Rowland + Broughton is called Game On and is located in a mountain town in Colorado. The historic house was picked up and placed on a new foundation. The studio designed a house with white fiber cement siding, a traditional porch, and a gable roof – all as an ode to the city’s architectural heritage. This home gives a sense of clarity and elegance to a traditionally ornate Victorian shape.

The house is modern and efficient with no wasted space. In the main apartment there is an open kitchen and a living and dining area on the ground floor, in which a retractable glass wall provides a seamless connection to a covered terrace. The upper level contains a guest room and a master suite with a terrace.

An open space and a storage room were placed in the basement. A second basement in the garage structure includes a large room and bathroom. The architects used a restrained color palette throughout the interior: white, cream, beige, light gray, which look luxurious and sophisticated. Finishes include concrete, wood and environmentally friendly paints. Different upholstery and leather give the room a special interest. The floors and walls are coated with light oak, which makes the room feel light and airy. The rooms are equipped with built-in furniture and modern, almost minimalist decor.

The outside landscape consists of drought tolerant plants that help reduce water consumption. Other sustainable elements include lighting, sanitary fittings and highly efficient mechanical systems, as well as solar panels mounted on the garage roof. The bocce court is also a sustainable feature as it helps control rainwater.

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