Modern House Different Windows

In the Westlandse Zoom dunes in the south of Holland, Global Architects were commissioned to design a minimalist modern house in this beach area. House as a Rock becomes a sculptural form that materializes like a stone out of the dunes, hence the name.

A traditional gable roof has been removed and instead the house and roof combine to give it a modern look. A light sand color was chosen for the brick to give it the stone-like appearance and to blend in with the dunes.

The four sides of the house each look different, two of which have a cutout near the roof. The south side of the house opens to the water and offers a beautiful view.

The living rooms on the south side have large windows, through which the feeling of nature arises in every season.

The inside is just as unique on the outside as every room is completely different. Even the windows are all different sizes. The light wooden floors of Dinesen Floors appear slightly weathered and earth the large open spaces with white walls. Thanks to the windows on each side, the house is filled with light and air, it looks inviting and bold works of art add personality to the look.

To make the house more sustainable, they installed 2 geothermal heat pumps with a depth of 135 meters to make the house more CO2 neutral. They used insulation with a higher than recommended value, solar heating, and low temperature heating and floor cooling.

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