Modern House Retro Car

Bulgarian practice designed the pagoda house to fit into the hillside and be connected to an elevated garden that sits behind most of the building on a higher level. Inside, a glass wall between the stairwell and a built-in garage makes the owner’s vintage car a decorative piece when not in use. The house is on a slope on the outskirts of Sofia, right between the city and the mountain. It offers panoramic views in two directions. The first floor is hidden in the slope. This way, the ground floor is above the ground towards the street and on the ground towards the garden to protect family privacy. Recessed windows are set into the wood paneling on the outside walls of the house, aligned with a walnut tree and the perimeter hedges that follow the slope of the street and act as a screen. The interior is chic and modern, with some cute retro touches that make the Mercedes stand out.

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