Modern Penthouse Apartment Church

There’s one place in London that once was an Orthodox church. After the abandonment, the building was recently converted into an apartment complex. The church has been partially converted into apartments and this is one of them. It is one of the 13 apartments in the building and its interior was designed by VORBILD Architecture.

The architecture firm in charge of this beautiful interior design is made up of specialists from different fields who all work together to improve the lives of their clients by reorganizing and optimizing the spaces they live in every day.

The apartment is close to the Beatles Crossing and Reagents Park. This puts it in a desirable location near major attractions and gives it beautiful views as well. Given the history of the building, the room has an unusual shape, is semicircular and has access to two towers.

This unusual shape of the living space made it difficult for designers to decorate and organize the apartment. The apartment was initially divided by numerous doors and partitions. These were removed and an open floor plan was created. It includes the living area, the kitchen and the dining area.

After clearing the room and assembling all the small partitions into one large room, the designers also showed the charm of the unusual shape and curved walls. There was one other feature that the designers took advantage of.

The apartment had high ceilings and this enabled the team to give it a mezzanine floor. The master bedroom was placed up here. It is located above the kitchen on a curved steel platform. While most of the mezzanine bedrooms are small and a little uncomfortable, this is not the case.

Since the apartment had high ceilings, the designers could squeeze into a full bedroom up here. It has a sloping roof and enough space for a double bed, a wardrobe with plenty of storage space inside and ceiling panels that integrate two skylights and make the room cozy.

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