Modern Scandinavian Apartment For A Young Couple

This modern apartment was designed for a young couple of newlyweds in Scandinavian style, with soft and cozy details. Let’s take a closer look at the rooms.

The bedroom is on the small side, but feels spacious due to the light gray walls and two windows that are only covered with gray blinds. To make the bedroom more cozy and inviting, the designers have filled the bedroom with warm wood – a headboard made of raw wood, a sideboard made of wood and floors make the room warmer. There is a burlap lampshade, some botanical artwork, and simple Scandi-style lamps that complete the bedroom decor.

The kitchen and living room are combined into one, and this open space is modern and fresh, with light flooded by many windows. The kitchen is all white and modern, with a gray wall and counters that echo with each other. The backsplash is tiled in white subway to give it a mid-century modern feel. The dining area has a raw wood-edged dining table and modern mid-century chairs in black and mint colors, and a combination of mint-colored pendant echoes with chairs.

The living room has a gray upholstered sofa, a rustic and industrial coffee table, a sunny yellow leather armchair with footrest, floating bookshelves, and a simple white television. A sofa acts as a room divider between the kitchen-dining area and the living room. Check out the photos below to see the best way to decorate a small Scandi style apartment!

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