Modern Violet And Pink Kitchen by Cucine Lube

Not only bright kitchens look modern and stylish. Cucine Libre’s light purple and pink kitchens are a great demonstration of this. Below you will find some beautiful models from the different collection, which are made in very delicate colors. There is also a purple kitchen from the new Nilde collection. All of these kitchens impress with a very gentle combination of pink or purple with pure white cabinets. In addition, they are all very functional and comfortable and can meet all the needs of every housewife. Each collection has a practical kitchen island, which is usually rectangular in shape. Such kitchen islands offer enough space for cooking and dinner at the same time. Although there are more unusual islands, there are rounded pink islands, for example. The doors of the kitchens could be stylishly decorated or glossy lacquered. The first type looks more elegant and refined than the second. If you want more information on any of these modern purple or pink kitchens, please visit the Cucine Lube website.

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