Modernist Home Opened Outdoors

This modernist home revival was originally built in 1950 by mid-century modernist Harold B Zook. Unfortunately, the house feels the victim of a rash renovation / addition. Thanks to Emily Farnham and others, the house has been updated and looks great. The 90s elements have been corrected and some periods have been added. Let’s look at the resulting house.

The interiors are filled with light through glazed doors and walls. The main color for the decor is white, which is not typical of mid-century houses and gives the house a more contemporary feel. The living room has cool furniture with a soft texture and a terrazzo shelf under the TV. The kitchen shows a lot of stone, it is used to cover the countertops and backsplash and add a more refined feel to light green cabinets. Gilded touches raise the room to a new level.

The bedroom has three out of four glazed walls, an entrance to the pool zone, a large upholstered bed and some pendant lights. The dining area is separated from the kitchen by another floor and is hidden by a fireplace. There are modern white chairs and a table with a thick top that reflects the color of the hood.

The outside area has a large pool, a small sitting area by the door, a couple of benches along the pool, and an outdoor dining area. There is also a kitchen island that you can use to prepare food and drinks outdoors. Check out all of the rooms of this house below!

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