Modernized 19th Century Home

This 19th century house in France was completely renovated by the architect Sophie Lallias. She added a black, dark wallpaper and a few more things to see. Let’s do it.

The living room has a beamed black ceiling, a fireplace, some chic modern furniture, and a jute rug that adds a textural touch. There are some wall shelves and an arrangement of wall art pieces on a black wall. The hallway has another black wall and an original marble staircase. The kitchen has a black tiled wall, black refrigerator, black cupboards and doors. There’s a decorative fireplace and black bookcase, black bonnet, and black pendant lights – the kitchen has lots of black accents and looks very dramatic.

The master bedroom is above the kitchen and has a glass wall to let in more light. There is a black statement wall with artificial preparation, a comfortable bed and a floral headboard wall. The second bedroom features a headboard statement wall reminiscent of fabric and an upholstered bed. The bathroom has a wooden floor, dark green wall and ceiling, and a wall of wallpaper. There is a freestanding sink and shower with green tiles on the floor.

This house shows how you can combine modern and vintage in one and achieve a harmonious look at the same time. Trendy accents like dark colors and floral and botanical wallpapers, vintage stairs and neighbors chimneys, wow!

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